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29 JULY 2015

EBU welcomes African Telecommunication Union stance on broadcast spectrum allocation

The African Telecommunication Union (ATU) agreed a common position which opposes the allocation of the...

23 JULY 2015

EBU community rallies behind beleaguered Bosnian Member BHRT

A task force, advised by the EBU, has been formed to work alongside the new management of the EBU's Bosnian...

21 JULY 2015

EBU backs BBC contribution to UK society at parliamentary enquiry

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has given evidence to the British House of Lords’ Communications...

Upcoming Events


EBU Knowledge Exchange 2015

The EBU Knowledge Exchange brings together EBU Members, media professionals and communications scholars for a day of discussion and ideas sharing around a current issue affecting public service media (PSM).


EUROVISION Creative Forum 2015

The EUROVISION Creative Forum is the first annual event for screening programme formats with only public service content from Europe and beyond.


21st Finance Assembly

The Finance Assembly provides a unique opportunity for finance professionals to discuss best practices, strategic planning as well as common challenges and opportunities that are transforming the broadcasting industry.