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31 MARCH 2015

European Broadcasters unite with global affiliates to uphold media freedom

World Broadcasting Unions (WBU), including the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have signed a joint...

27 MARCH 2015

Polis Journalism Conference: The role of public service media in an election year

The role public service media (PSM) play in helping citizens make informed choices during electoral periods...

26 MARCH 2015

EUROVISION Social Media Trends Summit shares recommendations from top social organizations

Over 115 member delegates - more than double the anticipated numbers - attended the EBU's first ever...

Latest press releases

30 MARCH 2015

Bulgaria to host 13th Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Bulgarian EBU Member BNT will host the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which this year enters its...

27 MARCH 2015

EBU pledges to join disaster risk reduction broadcasting network

Four of the world's largest broadcasting alliances have pledged to join forces and create a network committed...

26 MARCH 2015

EBU broadcast partner for new European Sports Championships in 2018

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has reached agreement with the governing bodies of Europe’s leading...

Upcoming Events

01 APRIL 2015

Independence of Public Service Media in Enlargement Countries

This conference is organised by the EBU's Partnership Programme in cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committe (EESC). It offers the opportunity to learn from EBU and local experts with hands-on experience to discuss the specific challenges faced by public service media in EU Enlargement countries.

24 APRIL 2015

Eurovision Song Contest: 60th Anniversary Conference

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest a unique conference will bring together academics who have studied the Eurovision Song Contest, commentators, past performers and those who have worked on the event, to explore the impact of the Contest on the European public sphere.

23 MAY 2015

Eurovision Song Contest

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final will take place in Vienna, Austria.