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EUROVISION Access Services Experts

The EUROVISION Access Services Experts Group brings together responsibles for Access services such as subtitling, signed programs, audio description and audio subtitling which enable sensory handicapped people to access the public broadcasters all over Europe.

It aims to ensure initiative of the highest quality, to celebrate excellence and innovation and to encourage pan-European collaboration, while providing its members with professional information.

The Access Services Experts Group is open to all EBU Members and is headed by a bureau composed of a Chairman.

The main goals of  EUROVISION Access Services Experts Group are:

  • to discuss the future development of Access services
  • to present showcases
  • to stimulate and support the exchange of technologies, products and services
  • to achieve standardization in order to develop common formats, guidelines, processes and legislation for authorities and stakeholders 
  • and to conduct surveys as well as to spread statistics.

The EUROVISION Access Services Experts group gathers once a year to raise the most important questions. This year's meeting agenda include:

  • Access services on all devices. More and more, the contents of all broadcasters can be received on all kinds of devices, such as connected television, tablets or mobile phones. What’s the impact for a public broadcaster?
  • Automatic subtitling. Speech recognition is getting better and better and therefore can speed up the production process. Some broadcasters already have implemented this technology while others are on the verge to use this technology.
  • Quality of live subtitling. Most complaints on subtitling concern live subtitling since there might be some errors and they are never in sync. That’s why British Ofcom has launched a quality initiative. What has come out of it?

Group members

Gion Linder, SWISS TXT, Switzerland

Frauke Langguth, RBB, Germany
Isabel Charleton, RTE, Ireland

Target group
Heads of Access services within the EBU members

Contact details

Amélie Rossignol-Farjon
Brand Manager