About the EBU

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU, UER in French) is the world’s foremost alliance of public service media (PSM) with Members in 56 countries in Europe and beyond.

Its mission is to safeguard the role of PSM and to promote its indispensable contribution to society. It is the point of reference for industry expertise and a centre for European media knowledge and innovation.

The EBU operates EUROVISION and EURORADIO. EUROVISION is the media industry’s premier distributor and producer of top-quality live news, sport, entertainment, culture and music content. EURORADIO enhances public service radio through the exchange of music, professional networking, and the promotion of digital and hybrid radio.

The organization is supplemented by a 370-strong network that stretches from Brussels to Rome, from Moscow to New York, to Washington DC, Singapore, and Beijing. The EBU’s headquarters are in Geneva – an inspirational hub for global sports federations, far-reaching international organizations and centres of academic and scientific discovery.

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