Sports Rights

Success in sport is about preparation and performance. It is this same competitive drive that guides EUROVISION through sports rights negotiations, which we carry out exclusively for EBU Members that want them.

Above all, many sports federations want maximum exposure through uncomplicated, streamlined agreements – our speciality.

We work with more than 30 federations on a continually renewable sports rights portfolio which, on average, comprises around 120 events – more than 500 days of competition.

As the centralized rights portfolio holder, EUROVISION spares Members the labour-intensive legal work, and simplifies access to must-have rights. This reduces individual costs and saves time.

  • What EUROVISION does for you:

    • Negotiate, acquire and administrate sports rights on your behalf
    • Collective negotiation means:
      • A more appealing offer to rights owners, such as sports federations
      • A level of industry know-how born of years of industry experience and established relationships
      • Collateral benefits including greater influence over scheduling of specific events at broadcast-friendly times
    • Resell any rights which are surplus to Members' requirements
  • Contact:
    T +41(0)22 717 2806

EUROVISION collective rights negotiation is a win-win for everyone
  • Members only pay for rights they need. Through our sales structure we exploit the unwanted rights to ensure nothing goes to waste
  • A more appealing offer to rights owners seeking the widest possible reach and coverage
  • Unrivalled industry knowhow coupled with long established relationships
  • Collateral benefits, such as influence over scheduling of specific events at broadcast-friendly times
  • We bundle a range of services for federations, making EUROVISION a more appealing partner in all areas of operation
  • Members win rights to major sporting events without having to tie up their own staff and resources

The EBU Sports Rights team currently manages around 120 events per year, reaching a yearly average of more than 500 days of competition. The unit currently works with 27 sports organizers or federations on a sports rights portfolio running until 2017.

Over 2011-2012, the Sports Rights Unit won some major new properties, including:

  • 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ and the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ – a significant extension of the current EBU–FIFA agreement for one decade
  • International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) major event media rights in Europe and Africa for 2014–17
  • Worldwide rights for the FIS World Skiing Cups in Austria
  • International Skating Union (ISU), content increased from 27 to 133 events over four seasons, after the ISU made the EBU its sole European media partner
  • Worldwide rights for European Athletics (EAA) event
Sports sublicensing rules

For rights to sports events acquired under Eurovision agreements please see the list available here. If you are interested in obtaining a sublicence to any of the events listed, please contact the EBU Member in your country or Philippe Mounier, EBU Manage of Sports Rights Finance and Administration. Further information on sublicensing can be found at the following links: