About Euro-Chip

  • The Euro-Chip is...

    • ...not a physical existing chip, but a minimum requirement of the main radio transmission technology standards: FM and DAB/DAB+/DMB
    • ...a concept and a campaign to ensure the future of radio
    • ...a strategy to get modern free-to-air broadcast into every possible device: from radio-only receivers in your kitchen car, to smartphones and tablet computers
    • ...a challenge for creative program makers to come up with new ideas combining live broadcast with the Internet back-channel

    Euro-Chip key benefits

    • Greater efficiency and business opportunities: the Euro-Chip concept reduces pressure on mobile broadband networks
    • Huge potential for combined media channels: hybrid radio services will foster new business models for the digital economy and generate new ways of involving audiences in interactive programs
    • Enhanced traffic safety across Europe: the Euro-Chip will give a much needed boost to road safety in Europe by simplifying the delivery of real-time, language-independent  traffic information


    1) What is Euro-Chip?

    It is a communications campaign. We coined the term Euro-Chip to describe chipsets that deliver both analogue and digital free-to-air radio to receivers. These chipsets already exist. We aim to make them the industry standard.

    2) How will Euro-Chip benefit listeners?

    It ensures a smooth transition from analogue into the digital world and future-proofs all the different devices that people use to listen to the radio. Listening to radio stays cost-free and as soon as the Euro-Chip concept is integrated in mobile phones and tablets, their users will enjoy free-to-air broadcast reception, as they already do with their radios at home or in the car.

    3) You claim that Euro-Chip will increase safety. How is this possible?

    Radio is the most resilient communications medium in natural disasters and national emergencies, a feature that Euro-Chip will enhance by increasing radios reach. Furthermore, Euro-Chip will boost road safety by simplifying the delivery of real-time, language-independent traffic information about local and cross-border conditions.

    4) Why is Euro-Chip good for business?

    Device manufacturers will achieve economies of scale because devices will work everywhere in Europe. Adoption of Euro-Chip as the industry standard will also secure a digital hybrid future for radio. This has huge potential for innovative radio services.

    5) Who is behind the initiative?

    The EBU launched the Euro-Chip campaign together with the heads of public service radio in France, French-speaking Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Commercial broadcasters have also been part of the conversation from the outset. More are joining, and we are already in talks with carmakers, mobile phone and device manufacturers, chipset manufacturers and network operators. 

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