EUROVISION Fiction Experts

30 Sep 2014
  • Chairperson
    Liselott FORSMAN (YLE/FST)

    Brigitte  DITHARD (ARD/SWR)
    Meltem TUMTURK (TRT)
    Jean-François LUCCIONI (FT2)
    Marina BLOK (NPS)
    Tone RONNING (NRK)
    Target group
    Heads of Drama
    Meeting frequency
    English and French  
    (with simultaneous interpretation)
    EBU/EUROVISION contacts
    +41 22 717 24 17
    +41 22 717 24 16
  • The EUROVISION Fiction Experts Group consists of the heads of drama and the drama commissioners of the EBU members.

    At the annual meeting, about 50 of these representatives get together to exchange about new ideas and latest trends in drama, share experiences, successes or failures.

    Every two years the experts group elects a President and two or three vice-presidents (the Bureau). The new Bureau then appoints a new Programme Group.

    The Bureau and the Programme Group meet four times a year together with the EUROVISION Permanent Services in order to define the strategy of the EUROVISION Fiction Experts Group. 

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