08 May

Greek public broadcaster NERIT appoints new CEO

Greek public broadcaster NERIT has a new CEO after the dismissal of George Prokopakis on Tuesday 6 May, less than 48 hours after NERIT went on air. Read more
16 Apr

Sign of the times: ERT hoarding comes down

Workmen in Athens have taken down signage from the premises of former Greek public broadcaster ERT, and replaced it with the logo of its successor, NERIT. Read more
04 Apr

Closing a broadcaster should be last resort, NERIT CEO says

Following the presentation to last Autumn's Legal and Public Affairs Assembly in Athens, that took place in the immediate aftermath of last year's closure of ERT, Mr George Prokopakis, CEO and Chairman... Read more
11 Oct

Athens panel debates way forward for Greek public broadcaster

On Thursday 10 October, a special session of the EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly addressed the closure of ERT and the establishment of a new public broadcaster in Greece... Read more
10 Oct

Athens: Greek minister vows ERT’s successor will be independent

Greek public broadcasting minister, Pantelis Kapsis, promised EBU Members this morning that the entity that eventually replaces dissolved broadcaster ERT will be free of political interference and built without repeating “past mistakes”. Read more
21 Aug

Interim public TV news service airs in Greece

Greece's interim public service broadcaster today launched its news service.   The two-hour news programme, which was anchored  by two journalists, was produced by staff newly recruited for the interim... Read more
20 Aug

Greece: EBU looking forward, not back

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) believes that independent public service media (PSM) is indispensable for democracies, culture and societies. This is why on 11 June, when the Greek government abruptly shut down ERT... Read more
19 Aug

ERT streaming to end as interim greek broadcaster launches news bulletin

The EBU plans to cease streaming the former Greek public service broadcaster ERT via its satellite capacity and the EBU website on Wednesday 21 August at 9 am (CET). Read more
25 Jul

EBU welcomes new law paving way to renewal of public service media in Greece

The EBU leadership has written an open letter to Greece’s Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and relevant unions welcoming the Greek Parliament’s adoption of a new law that paves the way for a valid public service broadcaster to be created Read more
12 Jul

EBU 'monitoring' transitory greek public broadcaster

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is closely observing developments in Greece, where the government has launched a new channel to replace ERT. Read more
27 Jun

EBU General Assembly calls for urgency in restoring public service media in greece

EBU Members currently gathered in Malta for the 70th EBU General Assembly today unanimously supported a Declaration expressing their grave concern with the continued “black screens” and silence of Greece’s public broadcaster. Read more
27 Jun

EBU committed to providing 'indispensable service' to Members

© Photo Credit: Stefano Santucci The EBU's rapid and resolute condemnation of the Greek Government's closure of public service broadcaster ERT demonstrated "the organization's solid commitment to help... Read more
21 Jun

Highest Greek Court endorses Public Service Media

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) welcomes the confirmation by Greece’s highest court – the Council of State – that public service broadcasting in Greece must be put back on air. Read more
20 Jun

EBU Director General tells EU Parliament public media are vital to democracy

EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre has thanked members of the European Parliament for opposing the "appalling" closure of the Greek public broadcaster ERT last week, saying public broadcasters are vital to democracy. Read more
19 Jun

EBU continues to underpin ERT's public broadcasting services

The European Broadcasting Union will maintain ERT's TV and radio frequencies via a live stream on the EBU website until the national broadcaster is able to resume full services to domestic audiences. Read more
18 Jun

European public service media welcome greek court ruling restoring ERT signal

European public service media (PSM) today welcomed a ruling by the top administrative court in Greece ordering the Greek government restore national broadcaster ERT to air immediately. Read more
17 Jun

News reps voice support for Greece's ERT at EBU Contacts Meeting

At the annual Contacts Meeting, held in Cascais, Portugal, almost 100 contacts from 41 European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Member organizations voiced strong support for Greek National broadcaster ERT following the Greek government's shock announcement of ERT's forced closure. Read more
16 Jun

Messages of support for ERT

The sudden closure last week (11/6) of ERT's TV and radio channels has been roundly criticized by institutions both in Europe and around the world. Read more
14 Jun

EBU President and Greek Finance Minister in talks over ERT

EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot said on Friday he had asked Greek finance minister Yannis Stournaras to allow public broadcaster ERT to operate, adding that the EBU would continue to press the issue at the highest levels. Read more
14 Jun

EBU leaders in Athens to tackle ERT shutdown

EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot told a live televised press conference in Athens today the Greek Government must urgently restore its public broadcaster ERT Read more
13 Jun

EBU puts shelved greek member ERT back on air

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) today took the step of putting Greek broadcaster ERT’s news coverage back on air, allowing Greek satellite subscribers to watch NET, the station’s news channel, on television. Read more
13 Jun

EBU demands European Commission take a stand for ERT

The European Broadcasting Union has written to the president of the European Commission to request he "personally support" ongoing efforts to restore the transmission services of ERT – Greece's public service radio and television broadcaster. Read more
13 Jun

50+ Directors General of Public Media demand ERT be restored to air

Fifty public service media (PSM) leaders in 39 countries have rallied behind the shelved Greek broadcaster ERT by signing an EBU-led statement calling for the station to be restored to air immediately. Read more
12 Jun

Live from Athens

Please note that from 09:00 AM (CEST) on Wednesday, 21 August, this service will no longer be available. Read more
12 Jun

ERT closure sends shockwaves through European Parliament

Several Members of the European Parliament expressed ‘shock’ and ‘surprise’ today as news of Greek public broadcaster ERT’s closure reached European Institutions. Read more
12 Jun

EBU president brands ERT closure “worst kind of censorship”

EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot today condemned the Greek government’s overnight shutdown of its national broadcaster ERT as an act of violence and “the worst kind of censorship”. Read more
12 Jun

ERT staff defy station closure to keep news flowing via the EBU

Embattled ERT journalists continued to produce and share news of their story with the EBU’s Eurovision News Exchange in Geneva today, in defiance of the Greek government’s summary closure of the station last night. Read more
11 Jun

EBU urges Greek government to reverse decision on ERT

Today the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) expressed profound dismay on behalf of Europe’s entire public service media community at reports that ERT – a founding Member of the EBU in 1950 – has been shut down with immediate effect Read more